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Alaïs Ruin Me


The humble strum of an acoustic guitar, the breathy warmth of an intimate, melodic folk-pop vocal, subtle synths in the distance – Italian artist Alaïs reflects with sophistication and respect, on the highs and lows of learning to love yourself.

Building up beautifully, long-form verses feel poetic and fresh but relatable, before we resolve to the doubled vocalled moment of a more familiar pre-chorus – a simple switch, a worthy resolve, and a brilliant fade into the title and hook – Ruin Me is familiar but original in relaying the struggles of the self for a woman.

The song drives with vulnerability in both topic and design, providing a listen that’s easy to connect with but which also feels genuinely true to the artist delivering it. The track has an addictive quality to this evolution from uncertainty to optimism, to the refrain of not letting these negative thoughts ‘ruin me’, and that makes it an easy must for your playlists this summer. Beautifully crafted and performed.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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