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AJAXX’92 Chapter 5 Energy (Prod. by No.30)


AJAXX’92 is a rapper, designer, and visual artist, putting out track after track online – working hard at the craft and always pushing his own boundaries creatively. Chapter 5 Energy is one of his latest releases, a colourful and ambient, easy going beat backs up his characterful flow and approach to lyricism in a fitting way. The song offers a careful balance between the familiar and the fresh, offering both vibrancy and personality, the latter increasingly so, and it’s a strong introduction to the artist for those who are new to his music.

AJAXX’92 has style of his own right now, this single alone showcases a stylish progression from the rapped verses to the melodic hook. There’s a sense of carefree confidence about it all, particularly the second verse – and this is where things get really impressive and interesting, the ideas provoke unexpected levels of deep thought. The flow and the lyrics during this latter half meet the increasing energy and brightness of the track perfectly well. The whole thing becomes more and more entrancing as it evolves and as the concept is painted a little more clearly.

Not only do you get the alternative hip hop vibe from the music, but you get some intriguing and refreshing lyricism as well – AJAXX’92 thinks deeply on his content and on life, and there’s value in that when it comes to choosing music to escape to.

The second and third times you hear this track it starts to really connect on a profound and beautiful level. The melodic hook talks of facing yourself, not hiding from existence and instead embracing your own power and positive energy. The song maintains a sense of possibility throughout, increasingly so towards the end, and the more you hear, the more you want to hear; creating a worthwhile snowball effect that’s likely to send you searching through his entire catalogue to date.

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