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Airwaves Spectacular Sinemadik


Airwaves Spectacular return with a totally eclectic and creatively colourful new album this year. The aptly titled Sinemadik takes the listener on wild ride through audio experimentation, upbeat energy, and provocative conceptual depth.

Felidae as an opener is all of this, mildly reggae-like during the peak of its groove, lyrically intriguing and structured so as to hold your attention with these varying stages and sections that play out like a short film. The balance between organic and electronic elements works well, plus there’s a definite strength of melody to the rising notes at the end of each line – despite the creative unpredictability, you walk away with that tune running through your mind.

Call Waiting quickly redirects the journey, embarking upon a smooth and nostalgic pathway that feels a little more closely connected to some early nineties pop classics. Afterwards, Target Obvious re-injects a hit of high energy with explosive drum-work and an array of uplifting synths. Again, the lyrics and the vocal placements offer a mysterious quality that appeals for its unique and thoughtful aura. This grows to become a great song, a personal favourite for the long-form melody, the vocal passion, and the energizing power of the soundscape.

Optical Light takes things down a comfortingly familiar pathway with an electronic rock vibe – by this point the project feels recognisable, loaded with threads that hold the playlist together; even among such striking eclecticism. This is a really well-written song that embraces the listener and slowly but surely connects on a profound level. Contrast has been mastered, the quiet moments lead into the drops beautifully. Another highlight.

A Place With No Doors utilizes space effectively as a couple of isolated elements pave the way for a captivating story-line. A moment of trip-hop emerges, jazz-cafe-like in some ways, gentle and dreamlike – well-placed within the collection. Undiscovered follows and drives with a tribal-electronic pulse that feels notably retro and thus enjoyably nostalgic. Always the band write with unusual ideas, so the songs appeal for their originality even among the most classic instrumental set-ups.

Sinemadik is easily the sort of playlist you can set in motion and rely upon for the hour or so that it spins. There’s so much variation musically, and the set-up of each track offers a rightfully cinematic experience – the voices are creatively arranged, the music helps express the underlying sentiments; everything is artistically united at every step.

When Spiders Cornered is a fairly mellow piece of music but with a mildly manic drum-line and some quietly chaotic vocals that entrance and mystify. Summit Life afterwards picks up the pace with a high-octane vocal rhythm and perhaps one of the most memorable melodies yet. The paired vocals work beautifully as the intensity rises, then the whole thing slowly but surely envelops you in its multiple layers of colour and its unapologetic approach to faith and life itself. Another highlight, softly passionate, alternative enough to appeal yet still easily recognisable.

A Love Without Reason softens the mood at the penultimate moment, quiet and personal vocals accompany a fairly minimalist backdrop compared to what came before. Pelicula then drops in to bring the album to a smoothly hypnotic finish. A simple but effective track that leaves quite an unsettling void of silence when it comes to an end – an easy one to replay a few times over.

Airwaves Spectacular build their own sound through and through, always offering creativity and the sort of music that rains down around you as the mighty form of escapism you’d hope for. The songs themselves are equally alternative and refreshing in the topics they take on. There are definite traits that make up the band’s style, and that’s an impressive thing to hold on to among such varied compositions. This project is well worth a listen and is one I’ll be returning to throughout the rest of the year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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