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Airwaves Spectacular Light The Sea


For something that initially emerges as being on the brink of an electronic explosion, this album from Maryland’s Airwaves Spectacular evolves to be something incredibly emotional and poetically entrancing. Remedy alone is a song that introduces the sound in a uniquely powerful way. The lyrics, the meeting of genres, the leading voice, the character, the rhythm – all of this holds tight to your attention and affection, and yet on top of this, the song eventually fades out with what is a genuinely memorable and addictive hook melody. It’s the perfect way to kick things off.

Another World So Lost further explores the band’s creative reach, seeming suddenly familiar yet completely unknown at the very same time. The music takes elements from a number of styles and genres, none of it particularly easy to pinpoint. You’re essentially left witnessing this as if it’s completely fresh, which it is, but also completely mesmerising. The leading voice has something really colourful and mildly theatrical about it, yet somehow it still feels incredibly genuine and emotionally driven. This, combined with the creatively free musicality of it all, and what are a collection of completely provocative and deeply reflective lyrics, makes for something that really hits home.

Spirit Assembly breaks the mood down a little, lowers the energy. The simple set-up of this thick beat, the spaciousness, the story-line, and the back and forth between the single leading voice and these other, collected voices in the distance, creates an unexpectedly captivating experience; one that strikes with unpredictable impact and stays with you for quite some time after listening. Again, the hook is easy to get addicted to – thrash the play button to your heart’s content; these songs don’t wear out their welcome.

Things take a turn for the slightly funkier for Redefine The Shine. A flicker of influence appears, but by this point you’re enveloped in the Airwaves Spectacular sound and that’s all you really need to consider. We Just Heard The News follows with a brilliantly compelling beat, a jazz-soaked riding bass-line, a gorgeously united chorus of voices, and an underlying sadness that contrasts powerfully with the smoothness of the music. The way the melody develops here is stunning, cleverly crafted and impossible to turn away from. In addition to everything, the lead singer returns to deliver the news, the concept, the honesty. A touch of distortion and an unlimited supply of passion help raise this one higher and higher as things progress.

Chasing The White Noise veers off quite heavily down the reverb-soaked pathway of electronica, though the lyrics remain reflective and personal. Drive Slow Kayla brings back the unusual structuring, the drama – an intense verse section contrasts greatly with a delicate, folk-pop like chorus part. Alternating voices add to that element of theatre again, and the musicianship is as creative as ever. If I Could Run Away then takes the synth-play to new heights and fuses it with a classic pop-EDM vocal, resulting in a song that feels all at once nostalgic and several years ahead of its time. The concept draws you in with that personal truth again, and the music layers itself around you in a comforting yet thought provoking way.

The album’s title track offers a striking moment of distant spoken word among a gentle yet electronically charged ambiance. The tribal drum-line furthers the unpredictable nature of the set-up, and as the voice draws closer, the concept seems to reach out for you more and more so. It’s enough to seal the deal as to the creative freedom and expression that Airwaves Spectacular seek to exercise consistently in their music.

This album is full of freshness, freedom to consider and to simply be, freedom of artistry, passion, colour. Life Costs Much More is one of the more anthemic songs on the project and brings things to a close in a memorable and mighty manner. There’s a lot to love about this, a lot to explore, a lot to consider. The sound feels truly original right now, and the songwriting is totally unexpected yet brilliantly effective at every turn. This is exciting music that throws everything onto the table and does so with style and depth. You’ll recognise their music easily after listening to even just a couple of songs, though the album in its entirety is where the real experience lies.

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