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Already hugely successful in their local community, Airport Impressions are an incredibly impressive band from Malta; a genuine pleasure to discover. Every track they’ve released is something warm and wonderful to listen to. It’s music to play at full volume, and they’re undoubtedly an unmissable live band. They look set to make it to the top, and they deserve every success in the world – here’s hoping they head over to the UK some time soon to perform.

‘Mariette’ is the name of their latest album, and what lies within is a truly stunning collection of songs – beautifully crafted, performed with genuine passion, and sharp, soft, yet powerful vocals. A mass of emotions are expressed throughout, and the musical talent behind them makes it all the more compelling. A superb way to experience Airport Impressions, ‘Mariette’ showcases the talent and skill of the band at their very best.

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The album opens with the uplifting and joyful sound of ‘Wishing Well’. The sound of a real band, writing about real feelings, in a raw, yet captivating, flawlessly mastered manner. It feels like a rock ballad, fused with a folk-rock, summer anthem type of vibe. The perfect welcome to experiencing this musical wonderland of an album.

‘Come Along’ is a gorgeous track, starting with a simple, calming, acoustic guitar as the backdrop, really bringing out the softness and honesty of the main vocal. A beautiful voice, with a real strength and passion to it; you want to listen intently to him, and when you do, you find that you could listen for days. This develops into a great folk-rock track, the intertwining of the instruments makes for a feel good, anthemic song; an almost end of the festival, everyone together kind of atmosphere. A really brilliant song, instantly makes you feel at ease and able to escape to the music.

There are no weak links in any of the performances – all signs point to an incredibly talented group of musicians. ‘If You Abandon Me’ showcases even more of that raw energy and honesty that makes them who they are. The vulnerability of the writer is highlighted here, both lyrically and in the gentle angst of the voices; it adds a brilliantly effective touch of genuine singer / songwriter emotion to the album. A rock band, with not a bad track in sight, and with songs that mean something; sung by someone whose voice oozes real emotion. You believe the songs mean something to the singer. Exactly what we need to hear more of.

Airport Impressions, Music Reviews, Music Blog, Magazine,

‘Silhouettes’ is a powerfully haunting track, overflowing with atmospheric ambiance, and instrumental bliss. Everything fuses perfectly in this, the closing track of the album; a great way to finish. Beautiful lyrics, expressed by an almighty vocal – one that takes ownership of every single note it hits, with brilliant strength.

The album ‘Mariette’ is something of a musical masterpiece. Airport Impressions are a talented group, well established in their local community, yet deserving of far wider recognition. Within the project there is a consistent thread of ‘their sound’, but at the same time, the influence of a multitude of genres shines through. There are hints of Country in the music, Folk-Rock, Indie, even traditional Irish Music. When you watch their videos in particular, you can see how far they’ve come as a band – the connection is so strong, the natural chemistry between them is incomparable, and it makes for a stunning musical experience. See for yourself..

Music to inspire and enthrall you. Show the band the support they truly deserve – Follow Airport Impressions on FacebookTwitterSoundcloud, and head over to their Website to download ‘Mariette’, as well as their previous album ‘Minutes of a Lifetime’. Brilliant songwriting from a hard working and captivating band. Not to be missed.

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