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After Alice Morning


To say it’s a pleasure to hear new music from the superb rock duo After Alice is something of an understatement. This new release is stunning, professionally crisp yet classic sounding and incredibly emotional with every moment. Morning is a single from their new album Memories, and it’s a wonderful introduction to the direction of their latest work.

Morning is beautiful from the offset, the simple things that worked in rock in the 90’s and perhaps earlier – the compelling build up from an acoustic guitar riff to the full on warmth and weight of a distorted rhythm and bass section, the up front and personal vocal style, the passion, the poetry, the honesty, the grit – everything has been reignited here, brought back to life in a fresh and memorable way. As you make your way to that hook the intensity and emotion rise accordingly, passing on effectively to you as you listen, finally exploding for that central moment – that spike in the melody and the equally mesmerising vocal performance that drives the sentiment through flawlessly.

You only need to listen once and it’s with you, which is great – many of the best songs do exactly this. The second time you listen the opening riff is instantly recognisable, as is the leading voice, the melody, then the drums, the organic realness, the harmonies. The song comes with a huge touch of nostalgia, yet in essence it’s something you haven’t heard before at all, which makes it gorgeously refreshing. It hits you like the heavy rock ballads from yesteryear used to. The sort of songs that make up the bulk of your driving playlists. The sort of songs you can’t help but turn the volume up for. It’s really a powerful new release and an exciting time to get involved with the band, particularly for those lucky enough to live in South Carolina who can head out and catch a live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

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