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After Alice Chump


A quick look today at a quality rock track from US band After Alice. Their latest release Chump is a brilliantly written and performed song of classic rock anthem aura; fantastic production has really brought out the great tones of the layered vocal harmonies and the guitars, so the track drops between the big and the mellow with superb smoothness, and it keeps your attention throughout – really great melodies, from verse to pre-chorus to chorus. There’s also a wonderful acoustic opening to the song, one that is completely blown out of the water later as the big beat and rock distortion takes hold; it’s unexpected in some ways, but the contrast is really effective. Impressive song crafting.

We liked everything about this one. It’s a great song, a big song, and everything is superbly arranged and performed – a wonderful lead vocal, really strong, surrounded and supported by equally seducing and powerful harmonies. What’s particularly unique about it is the change of direction that occurs when the solo comes in – whether it’s an unexpected chord that does it, I’m not sure, but it makes the whole thing really feel like a stand out track – one that should be in regular rotation on most radio stations, and already is over at 107.7 KISS FM International, as well as College Underground Radio. It’s clear to see why when you listen to it. Really nice work, a classic feel to it, yet that all important element of freshness and originality, lyrically, and with the development of the melody throughout as it manages to capture and keep hold of your attention.

After Alice are a band based in South Carolina. Their album Memories is due to be released later on this year. You can find much more of their music over at Reverbnation, head over their to listen to the brilliant track that is Chump and to learn a bit more about the background of the band, and give them a like on Facebook to show some love and stay involved.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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