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Adonis Butler & MIIKØ As I Am


Always a collaboration worth taking the time out to experience. Adonis Butler and MIIKØ return with the lightly intense, dreamlike and deeply personal As I Am. It’s a song that offers explicit honesty by means of a widely accessible string of lyrics and an ever-evolving soundscape.

There are numerous moments of contrast within the instrumentation here, and indeed between the two voices showcased – the lyrics add to this in some ways. The constant expression of needing to be true to oneself, needing space, seems almost like too much of a protest on occasion. Certain lines suggest that this has been playing on the mind of the central character, and this makes it beautifully real. At the same time, it’s easy to connect these thoughts and ideas to your own situation, and the blissful ambiance and crystal clear production allow you to really take that on and escape into the consideration and the moment.

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This release comes complete with an accompanying set of visuals that are equally artistic, simplistic in essence, yet effective in portraying the reflective nature of the song itself. Throughout the video there’s a striking contrast between the cleanness or order of city life and the gritty realness of nature – the chains, the creativity, the fire, all seem to come through in line with these alternate perspectives, these warring desires; these different sides to the character. The concept of taking me as I am is balanced with that of considering being something that you’re not, or perhaps more accurately, having done so in the past – and having realized it’s not sustainable. The changing sections of the song and the various shots featured in the video keep this story-line consistent at the heart of the piece, as does the to be continued. 

As I Am is the perfect piece of down tempo, expressive trip-hop fusion to get you involved and to get you hooked on the sound and the presentation. Adonis Butler & MIIKØ never cease to impress.

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