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Acid City Nuns The Engine


Always encapsulating the juxtaposition of their own name, with fantastic visual art (intertwining AI and human expression) to reinforce their creative versatility – the unpredictable ups and downs of The Engine speak volumes on behalf of the broad spectrum of contemplation that is Acid City Nuns.

Dreamy guitar-play and joyful melodies emerge by way of an instantly soothing male-female vocal pairing to introduce things, and the journey proves boldly eclectic from here on in.

An impressively humble yet likable introduction, I Love the Things that You Do repeats loving sentiments across a spacious, minimalist soundscape for under a minute and a half. It’s a stripped-back setting that works well, and the subsequent retro bass and keyboard groove and harmonies of If You’re Ever Lonely uplift brilliantly afterwards.

Just Say So is a beautiful highlight, jazz hi-hats and a soothing choir of lower-toned vocals for warmth and wonder. Then the stark contrast between the image of the acid city and the nuns is suddenly exemplified for Conversation 1 – darker themes captured in a raw setting, scattered throughout four of these segments on the album. Firstly though, we move into a romantic disco sort of mood, with Fool For The Girl.

The smokey backstreets vibe is magnified for Conversation 2, before the sultry nostalgic tones of a freestyle Time Alone set an intoxicating instrumental ambiance. The energy then rises smoothly into an ethereal and rhythmic Tabula Rasa (midnight) – Acid City Nuns further showcasing the unity and melodic escapism of their style, in a way that allows the body to vibe and the mind to settle or wander (depending on what it needs).

“There is no evil in the sense of the devil – it’s ignorance, it’s violence… Violence destroys itself.”

Darker still for its cinematic weight and talk of violence and killing, Conversation 3 delivers a striking dissonance with what came prior. Then the veil is replaced for the colourful tones of RnB-infused Faultless – though with a provocative twist of rasp and deeper reflections on life the state of the self.

Another instrumental gem is Caribbean Dream, uniting hypnotic waves of synth with clean-cut guitar-play and funky bass, for an extensive listen that’s a pleasure to escape into.

Conversation 4 recaptures any wandering minds with its haunting musicality and the contrasting distance and intimacy of this seemingly real-life discussion. Then to gift its audience one last euphoric embrace, Synthesis lights up the room with retro funk, intense synths and long-form melodic playfulness, to bring things to a likable, confusing yet fitting resolve.

Across the entirety of The Engine, Acid City Nuns present for half the time as fun-loving musicians, and for the other half as profoundly topical observers of a world of uncertainty and error. You never quite know which direction the music or lyrics will take you, and this plays a huge role in giving the band a clear identity of their own.

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