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Absoloot The Truth, Feat. The Captain


Absoloot returns to set 2017 off with an almighty bang. The Truth features The Captain, and its essence and substance far exceed any expectations that the title may bring about before listening.

Musically the track combines an addictive riff and a lightly energetic drum line in among a laid back, almost soap-opera style synth melody. The track smashes it, the creative play within the production and the structure is mildly theatrical, always appealing, easy to listen to and offers the consistent good vibes needed to make music matter. Furthermore, the vocals running out along side all of this add a sincere element of depth, of truth; the song has power.

There are more than a few truth bombs throughout the lyricism. With the music being so light in nature and so joyful sounding, the words somehow strike even harder. The presence of politics, social issues, important issues, weighs heavier among the peaceful energy of the music; perhaps because the contrast holds such a scary resemblance to our daily lives – people get on with their routines, the sun continues to shine, even though there’s so much that’s out of place, so much injustice and suffering at each and every moment – always coexisting alongside the regular rhythm of modern life.

The Truth is a huge track. It sounds superb and even just as a fresh moment of real hip-hop, the vibe is stunning. What separates it from many of its peers though, is the inescapable meaning – the lyrical freedom and the refusal to ignore – precisely the thing that is needed, consistently, during these times. Voices speaking up and speaking out – the cementing of historical shame. It’s a beautiful track, musically and in what it stands up for – it’s poignant, powerful, calmly and confidently performed so as to really drive the message with honesty and strength. Nothing needs to be forced when the subject matter is as real as this.

As the truth drowns us, this country must come around; or it’s going down. 

An unforgettable release and an important reminder of what matters. Download the track via iTunes. Play it often. Find and follow Absoloot on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and Youtube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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