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4NRhythm x SpacityTrawww TMRS NVR PRMSD


Creative and organic musicianship outlines an instantly inviting, intriguing mood, before blissfully soulful and smooth vocals bring lyrical reflection and further originality. Tell Me starts off this collaborative EP on an absolute high, and it refuses to lower the bar throughout.

TMRWS NVR PRMSD is the project, 4NRythm and SpacityTrawww combining abilities for an eclectic and refreshingly colourful series of tracks. Blending modern hip hop traits with timeless melodic and instrumental threads for a consistently engaging listen, Tell Me is all of this – brilliantly crafted, catchy and thoughtful, supremely produced for the greatest style and impact.

Lightness of guitar and intensity of bass continue to provide links as BBC offers a more modern trap style and anthem of familiar references and faster flows. The guitar connects further still for the acoustic fingerstyle of Mile High Club.

At every turn, both 4NRhythm and SpacityTrawww showcase a fine appreciation for the current scene as well as the more timeless aspects of music across the board. That organic element is a huge part of it, utilising catchy melodies alongside grittier rap outbursts for a fine sense of dynamic.

We even get a haunting piano lead for Ain’t No Way, unexpectedly heartfelt and passionately captivating from start to finish. The song is naturally alluring for its neo-classical arrangement alongside that heavy bass and the relentless, energetic delivery from both rappers; a definite highlight for its sense of purpose and urgency.

Closing things down is a nod to the recently reframed horrors of Jeffrey Dahmer. At its core, the track is intimate and devoted to the personal climb towards success and connection. The name-drop is an offstage reference to keep things relevant, and to draw interest – something the song does with ease. It also promises one of the most immersive grooves of the EP, another catchy hook, and some of the most open displays of vulnerability and realness – wherein the two rappers reach out with truth and integrity.

It’s a strong way to finish the project, and wraps up this concept of tomorrow not being promised in an emotive and lasting way. An easy must for rap fans looking for something a little more creative and colourful.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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