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47StillStanding Participate / Indifferent / Can You


Stylishly blending elements of nineties punk rock, emo-rap and faultless hip hop, 47StillStanding creates ambient yet gritty, unforgettable audio experiences, which all at once create a wash of escapism, and connect for their profoundly personal, deep thinking lyricism.

A fine starting point to exemplify these qualities is the superbly interesting and gorgeously well-crafted Participate.

There’s a certain poetic depth to this song, which suits the mellow beat and energy of the soundscape perfectly well. Then we get a variety of flows, switches in vocal tone, and a rising level of anticipation that draws you in all the more so.

Fantastic writing, and composing – a captivating, addictive track, and just a fragment of what’s available throughout the 47StillStanding catalogue.

Creative riffs again set the mood with simplicity and satisfying vocal rhythms for the brilliantly intentional, melodically addictive Indifferent. Another favorite, memorable and hard-hitting, impressive both in the flow and the production, yet also highlighting a shift in direction creatively – underlining the clear versatility of the artist.

There’s a touch of emo-rap or subtle punk to the hook, and the verses welcome a few different flows on top of this – as well as showcasing a deeply personal backbone that effectively connects for its authenticity.

A powerful song, with a brilliantly poignant, quite broadly relevant subject matter; and what a rightfully addictive hook.

Taking these qualities even further, Can You brings back that crystal clear and raspy vocal lead, to offer up an immediately revealing, personal sense of vulnerability and longing. The song then backs this up with another easily ambient, engaging soundscape, which satisfies and immerses its audience in an effortless, natural fashion.

Featuring the additional talents of NOBDY and Anx, Can You lays bare a striking dynamic, feeling almost like a scene from a movie. Still we get this raw, deeply human writing style and vocal clarity, and the whole thing mesmerizes for its melancholic purity and honesty combined.

Brilliant, beautiful music – superb production and a strong use of both melody and rap to make worthwhile, provocative and authentic points about life and the role of the self.

All of the building blocks shine brightly, and the audience is rightfully growing at an impressive pace – no surprises there. A total pleasure to stumble upon. Press play and enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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