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3mind Blight Unleashed


Ladies and Gentlemen, the master returns…

Supreme Metal musicianship elevated by outrageously faultless production leads us into this latest masterpiece from Tulsa’s unmistakable 3mind Blight.

Instantly the arrangement of Unleashed connects, soaring guitars and subtle yet effectively brilliant panning allows the soundscape to rain down with energy and enchanting embrace.

Then comes the vocal, comforting in its legendary status – that piercing rasp and soulful melodic presence unbreakably gripped by the groove and intentions of the track. Short lines add a mainstream accessible trait that’s unusual yet fitting in this still decidedly alternative yet boldly satisfying hard-rock composition.

We build up – riffs and longer-form solos, crashing drums and lyrical sentiments all evolving in unison; a story that fascinates, seemingly relatable but also other-worldly and intriguing. The hook resolves almost like a spoken segment, particularly as the curtain suddenly closes for the finish. Meanwhile that descending guitar pattern and the parallel higher-tones sound beautifully hypnotic, and easily recognizable once you’ve played the track even just a single time.

“It’s insanity to think that she could make the world act like it’s good…”

Soulful, gritty, conceptually complex yet structurally simple and impactful in being so – Unleashed is an alluring metal gem from the one and only 3mind Blight, and marks perhaps his most addictive hit of escapism this year.

With tens of thousands of monthly listeners across an extensive repertoire, there’s no doubt this one will be gracing the airwaves indefinitely.

Unleashed releases October 1st – Pre-save. Find 3mind Blight on Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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