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3mind Blight The Message


Categorically pouring his heart and soul into the process, 3mind Blight drives with a mighty vocal performance for this brand new, revealing and openly vulnerable new single The Message.

Unexpectedly featuring a fairly classic set-up – a little more mainstream in its build up from verse to hook to instrumental – The Message follows the haunting progression of an intimate piano piece, and throws in some brilliant changes in tone and additional hits of striking guitar work and rhythm as the passion and power increase.

The whole thing evolves and intensifies as one, showcasing an immense shift in energy as the central sentiments grow and work towards their ultimate peak.

Welcoming Ray Roehrborn on electric guitar and bass, with 3mind Blight on acoustic guitar, piano, and the rest of the arrangement, The Message is a powerful song of longing and uncertainty – questioning the listener, calling out for help, and provoking a deeper level of consideration for those struggling to connect.

It inspires a sense of oneness, an openness to helping others, yet it also creates a mood suggestive of the central character or protagonist already having lost the strength to connect, and it’s this heartfelt, melancholic ache that transcends through the music and delivery – it’s this that ultimately gives the song such a compelling level of truth and poignancy. The final lyric really lingers as a result of this process.

A beautifully honest and captivating new single.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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