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3mind Blight Stand Up


Stunning production always lights up the soundscapes from hard-rock troubadour 3mind Blight. His latest escapade encapsulates that quality – a structurally divine audio realm, blending crisp, clean design with distorted ferocity in everything from the set-up to the songwriting.

From the outset, the sheer tumble of those drums is instantly alluring. Then poignant beginnings see ‘Pain is my reality’ as a boldly heartbreaking first lyric. The vibe is high, the energy up and the listener quickly ensnared in this groove. Conceptually though, 3mind Blight maintains that central realism of his expansive repertoire – the promise to focus on thoughts and lyrics precisely as they emerge.

No editing or falseness, just pure reflections encapsulating both the depths of darkness and the sparkle of optimism. Stand Up lays down its desperation and lostness, but ultimately proceeds to overcome these issues, to inspire a bold sense of possibility and self-belief.

Naturally one of his most timeless presentations, Stand Up captures the perfect metal pace, in my opinion, to effectively bridge the gap between listeners of the intensely heavy realms and those who prefer a little more of an accessible aura. The merging of melody and scream is also perfectly in keeping with this level of balance.

The track gathers superb momentum, the final quarter in particular showcasing the definitive precision and power of 3mind Blight’s musicianship and production.

Quite possibly his finest arrangement to date, the anthemic intentions and overall finish of Stand Up help make this a fiercely motivational indie gem – an alt-metal track with a catchy rhythm, memorable hook, and generally inspiring edge of passion and purpose to it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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