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3mind Blight Situations (Feat. Trysette)


Utilising contrast to a sublime degree once again, 3mind Blight’s depth of tone and gravelly, expressive delivery creates a stunning dynamic with Trysette’s blissfully delicate and breathy vocal sound. Situations is their dreamy and hypnotic new single, with a gorgeously engaging melody.

Fantastic song-writing, firstly – an unusually mellow hook with an addictive descending progression to it, resolving in a fresh way from the upfront clarity and ache of the verses. This one has the chemistry just right.

Perhaps his most subtle but immersive, conceptually connective for its broad and poetic reach yet, this track features some beautiful production – sound-design that leans towards trip hop and effectively lights up a whole new side to the 3mind Blight creative catalogue.

Gorgeous breaths of voice like synths rain down amidst a uniquely tripped yet light set of hi-hats. Juxtapose this with the rap voice, and once again with the whispered hook from Trysette, and the completed Situations is easily one for the long-term playlist.

Two incredibly unique, hard-working artists, releasing a collaborative single that speaks volumes on behalf of the dedication and talent of both.

‘I will be your force… Be your freedom.’

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “3mind Blight – Situations (Feat. Trysette)

  1. Great review on a couple of great singers. Rebecca, check out Trysette’s album from a few years back.. Silky Fingers. it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, sultry, albums ever.. listen to my personal favorite Under My Skin… A feast for the senses. thanks Marnie

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