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3mind Blight Sinner (Feat. Crimson Violet Blight)


Buckle-up for this one – an explosive metal track with a completely unexpected yet intense and brilliant hook. 3mind Blight joins forces with Crimson Violet Blight, for the intoxicating and fiercely passionate declaration Sinner.

Initially built around an ethereal ambiance of synth melodies and 3mind Blight’s quietly-canned voice, Sinner first reflects upon being a lost soul searching for something more. The anticipation builds with dramatic rhythm hits and further synths, before everything falls away just briefly into calm – a temporary stillness, creating an unprecedented level of contrast with the distortion, pace and power of the hook that follows.

Always a songwriter uniting the deeply personal and the creatively expressive, 3mind Blight maintains that iconic voice in lyric and tone, but here makes sure to resolve the process with a snappy and satisfying heavy metal hook.

Everything from the energy of the delivery to the production at this point is faultlessly matched, and suddenly what were profoundly personal observations become relatable, accessible, and terrifying – the ideal escapism for metal fans who’ve felt a similar sense of lostness and uncertainty about the after-life.

Contrast continues to work its magic as the notably smoother tones of Crimson Violet bring further dynamic during the latter half, the ambiance embracing the beauty of structural perfection, as we venture deeper into this immersive cavern of complexity and groove.

The instrumental final quarter is sublime, one of the most engaging and euphoric productions from 3mind Blight to date, and artistically on point in terms of really capturing and elevating this sense of lostness intertwined with the potential hope and possibility – that chance of transcending to heaven; even in light of the sins and misdeeds of the past.

Another topic thoughtfully explored, and a set-up and song that naturally showcase the defiant power and identity of 3mind Blight. Sinner is a simple yet striking listen, and feels a lot like a breakthrough hit for this genre. The hook is brilliant, mildly familiar for its easy resolve, entirely fresh for its fearless intensity and weight.

Because I’m a sinner, these darkened deeds have taken over me
I’m a sinner – look inside and there’s no light to see
I’m a sinner – a cross that bares the blood that sets us free
I’m a sinner, so a path to hell is my reality

Tens of thousands of monthly listeners and followers can’t be wrong – 3mind Blight is no stranger to the scene. Pre-save Sinner. Find him on Instagram, X, Facebook & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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