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3mind Blight Silenced By The Sound


Ever the artist for the sheer versatility and expressive variation from one release to the next, 3mind Blight breaks things down to the bare essentials for an acoustically led, poetically loaded and deeply personal, revealing new single Silenced By The Sound.

Notably true to the individual story from the outset, the simple and intimate arrangement instantly draws your focus to Mike’s voice, wherein the lyrics quickly reach out for their diary-style vulnerability and uncertainty. The words connect for their realness but also the accessible, relatable lostness at their core.

Always 3mind Blight manages to get this balance just right, not overloading with detail but still appearing as pure and genuine thanks to the uninhibited ache and searching nature of the writing.

Once again, Mike’s devotion to the cause and the performance elevates the emotions and complexities of the writing. The delivery here is quiet, tired to begin with – noticeable during the second verse in particular as he details the feelings of the moment amidst the sudden contrast from the rise of the hook.

Ever since I heard the softness and melody of MRS. Jones, three years back, I’ve loved the potential of the stripped-back setting for the 3mind Blight voice in both tone and topic, and as such, the pure, acoustic presentation of Silenced By The Sound works its magic with ease.

At three thirty-seven in length, Silenced By The sound offers naturally one of 3mind Blight’s more mainstream-ready structures. There’s also a powerful use of juxtaposition within the chorus itself, the line ‘tear me open’ is soaked in the warmth and optimism of the guitars and the evolving melody. This is reinforced quite cleverly though, by the sudden sense of possibility in the closing line – ‘still I’m hoping, to get back to me’.

The music and these ideas linger as there being a light at the end of the tunnel. This progression works beautifully, both for the friends and family of the artist in feeling somewhat comforted by a hint of light, and for the music fan escaping into the song – things can get better, we can find ourselves again, and regardless of the outcome or tomorrow’s plans, we can share in the journey.

Download or stream Silenced By The Sound here. Check out 3Mind Blight on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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