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3mind Blight Reflections (Feat. Sophie Dorsten)


Having been on our radar for several years now, 3mind Blight continues to raise the bar – forever uniting those powerfully distinctive vocals with a uniquely genre-free manner of sound-design, and consistently emotive, deeply human lyrics. This past few months in particular has expanded his reach yet again, as a number of collaborative singles have hit the scene – not least of all this latest release with singer and artist Sophie Dorsten.

Reflections is every bit as poetic and self-reflective as its title and mood imply. A simple acoustic riff repeats amidst an electro-pop ambiance and a creatively tripped-up beat, alongside of which Sophie and 3mind alternate their performances.

The contrast between voices, and between rap and melody, injects a powerful dynamic, and later on their moments of oneness really strike with a euphoric kind of heart and soul to elevate the melody and echoes of ‘so alone’ all the more so.

Focusing on optimism at its core, Reflections reminds the listener not to allow another person to define or decrease their self-worth. There’s sadness and pain in the verses, relatable emptiness and struggle, but there’s hope in the ultimate concept. The latter half in particular becomes far more poetic and vague enough to be made your own as you escape into the track.

Stunning vocals from Dorsten make for a beautiful addition to the raw and gritty style and sound of an unmistakable 3mind Blight. Superb production finishes the process off faultlessly. Enjoy.

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