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3Mind Blight REAPER


One for the metal purists – Tulsa’s 3Mind Blight delivers his heaviest single yet, with the boldly gritty, fast-paced and powerful REAPER.

Featuring a superb guitar sound and impeccable production from the self-made Blight, REAPER makes fine use of that vocal reach with melodic verses and an outright scream and solo to follow it up.

Structurally supreme, the track feels like the work of hard-rock band with years of unity behind them. In reality, this is our solo artist at his best – lost within the moment and gifting listeners an opportunity to feel the same way.

Notably driving the song with a clear sound of Corey that hasn’t quite caught my attention in such a way before, 3Mind Blight puts in an entirely skilful, faultless performance throughout REAPER.

Striking with every bit of intention and inspiration, the likes of which ultimately work in unison with the energising power of the instrumental and the voice, the single holds true to the clear sense of purpose at the heart of every 3Mind Blight release. The final line resounds distinctively amidst the haunting implications of REAPER – “All my hate, I will forgive – It’s time to live!”

Fantastic, the best way to hear this voice right, in style and sound and subject. Regardless of genre in fact, REAPER aims high and hits the mark. Expect big things from this one.

Single out October 4th on all platforms. Check out 3Mind Blight on Twitter or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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