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3mind Blight & Ray Roehrborn Troubled Times


Stunning musicianship brings creativity and precision to the forefront, as 3mind Blight and Ray Roehrborn collaborate for the soaring rock soundscape Troubled Times.

Presenting a vast sense of rising emotion and escapism from the outset, classic drums are quickly backed by meandering soulful electric guitar-play, with distorted power-chords underneath for that wholly immersive collection of layers.

On top of the fine design of the arrangement, of these long-form riffs and cascading intricacies, lightly-effected vocals add reverbed distance and reflect with passion upon a wealth of struggles. All at once we get the clearly evocative tone of the delivery, and these poetic and mysterious references that feel all the more relatable within this heavily enchanting production. There’s also a gripping dynamic between the two artists, a back and forth that further’s the song’s natural appeal and keeps you tuned in closely.

Featuring hints of progressive rock and classic rock united, with that dreamy vocal mixing and equal parts melody and intensity, everything from the lyrics to the structure of Troubled Times helps build upon a mighty sense of purpose and thought-provoking engagement. The mind wanders, the body gears itself up for whatever lies ahead, and both Ray Roehrborn and 3mind Blight showcase the very best of their abilities as musicians and writers.

Find Ray Roehrborn on Twitter. Connect with 3Mind Blight on Twitter, Apple, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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