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3mind Blight Make This Right


Pushing for a better world or even just to maintain a sense of optimism can seem like a lost cause sometimes. 3mind Blight takes the struggle to the stage with this latest single – a track focused on the pain and the fighting within our society.

Make This Right begins with a brief string section, solo and seemingly indicative of an emotional and mellow journey to follow. What actually emerges thereafter though is something of a classic hip hop rhythm and vocal style, with the two sides of the song each offering up a slightly different approach.

The song begins with its hook – too many people in the world, all they do is fight; always fight. All optimism falls away, the darkness drives things and you can hear this in the melody and the depth of the vocal tone. The strings that appeared initially sound suddenly of a more gritty and cold nature than the slightly melancholy image they presented at first. As the track progresses, this changing perspective continues to shift – the second half sees a passionate and angry rap vocal take over, with a different flow and a different tone, essentially structuring the track in a fresh way but still holding close to that darkness; perhaps even falling further towards it.

3mind Blight is never an artist to succumb to the standard way of doing things, so whenever you feel yourself getting complacent within a song or even a short playlist of his – expected the unexpected, or at least run through the experience with an open mind. The balance between genres on this track creates something quite unsettling, heavy yet not intense. That hook melody very quickly makes certain you’ll remember it. As alternative pop songs go, the building blocks are there so as to really leave a mark on the listener.

3mind Blight toys around with the art-form, with the writing, the effects – the song is partly for all of us, accessible and vague, yet certain moments within the verses take the form of a personal deep-dive into the artist’s own past and his role within this world. The second verse is a lot more poetic and perhaps more vastly profound, every lyrical layer contributes something revealing and relevant though to the completed piece. It’s definitely another interesting one and, as always, really well-produced. I’m excited to hear where else his musical mind takes him this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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