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3mind Blight Illuminating Nightmares


Just one of a multitude of new releases from the non-stop corner of 3mind Blight, this fearlessly soaring, high-octane metal and electronic elevation of intensity is perhaps his most immersive and attention-grabbing yet.

From the outset, the sheer energy and pace of the bass, guitar, rhythm and sound-design of every layer proves uplifting, boldly passionate instrumentally, and refreshingly original, too.

That bass-line in particular is what first appeals, fading through like some kind of anthemic ode to Leftfield’s Phat Planet, before the true weight and distortion of the full set-up swiftly redirects things.

Then we get the unmistakable voice of Mike, from the roar to the melody, from the self to the broader concept, and we’re ultimately consumed by the changing stages, cinematic presence and underlying contemplation of the whole arrangement.

Unpredictable as ever, far from what was expected after some of his recent collaborative and perhaps softer offerings, but brilliantly exciting in being so free from the confines of expectation. Illuminating Nightmares takes on the natural tone and identity of 3mind Blight, and simultaneously deals the music world a hand it can’t afford to fold with.

Download or stream Illuminating Nightmares here. Check out 3Mind Blight on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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