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3mind Blight I Am Not


3mind Blight takes a turn for the more classically inspired approach to music on this latest single. I Am Not fuses a warm and full, organic instrumental backdrop with a notably 80s-like vocal tone and display of effects. There’s an immediate appeal to the strings that introduce the song, and later on, there’s a striking contrast between this and the sound of the leading voice. As things progress, the melodic vocal evolves to become almost rap-like in its delivery. And all the while, as this takes place, the song itself pours unlimited levels of personal emotion and reflection into the process.

I Am Not is a fascinating song, both in terms of the writing and the overall audio output. The lyrics are perhaps the last thing to take hold, but once they have you, they don’t let go until the end – until those final words, that repeated hook phrase, is left lingering in the ambiance and in your mind. At this point, it’s easily worth a second and third listen – by which time the opening string riff is quickly recognisable – and this is where you start to build a greater understanding and connection with what lies within.

There’s a certain electronic delicacy to this composition – you could hear the full orchestra approach being stunning at a live show, but you can also appreciate the beat and those Ableton or Logic-led audio pathways. At its core, the song has so much emotion – the verses see the artist follow his own thoughts down the rabbit hole of self awareness. Then you get to the second section, the vocals hit a little harder – a well-placed pause adds to this impact. Suddenly things seem a little louder – there’s a greater level of passion, and that central idea calls out to you. There’s a certain simplicity to the melody, only three notes make up the majority of the lines, and the leading voice delivers them with gentle grit and realness. This, among everything else, helps make I Am Not a beautifully entrancing and memorable song.

All music / instruments, lyrics, vocals, mixing / mastering & producing is by Michael Boucher (AKA 3mind Blight). Download or stream the music here. Find & follow 3mind Blight on Facebook & Twitter.

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