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3Mind Blight Breaking Down


Clearly nailing the chemistry with this one, offering a fine fusion of elements that all at once bring melody and distortion, quickness to the point of near-breathlessness, and contrasting moments of mellow reflection – 3Mind Blight kicks back into gear with that unmistakable style and sound first hinted at during the early days.

Inspired in equal parts by Linkin Park and the heavier metal acts of the nineties, along with an essential dash of alternative hip hop, and a fall-away section that’s completely unexpected, Breaking Down wholly encapsulates the concept promised by its title.

Not only is the structure hard-hitting and loaded with effective juxtapositions for true dynamic, but 3Mind Blight’s uniquely individual vocal style reaches impressive peaks during everything from the singing to the screams and even the rap. Unequivocally a master of losing himself in the performance, whichever format it takes.

This could be the kind of next step we might expect from a band like Highly Suspect, the once rock legends have blended their newer sound with threads of contemporary hip hop and pop to showcase a fresh direction. With 3Mind Blight, the move is undeniably authentic, natural to his creative intention, and perfectly relevant to the subject matter in question.

Perhaps his most stylish and satisfying track to date, Breaking Down offers the weight of escapism alongside the absolute vulnerability of deeply human writing. And as always, that voice carries the pressures of these qualities with effortless confidence and power. Precisely the right kind of song to re-ignite the fire and fierceness that is the 3mind Blight signature style.

Available everywhere from April 15th. Download or stream the single here. Find & follow 3Mind Blight on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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