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3mind Blight Betrayed By Fate


Layering those unmistakable vocals in a uniquely bright and bold fashion, 3mind Blight masters the production and songwriting space, with his latest and perhaps last single for quite some time.

Distinctly powerful by design and also featuring an impressive rock structure that allows the anticipation and passion to rise consistently, Betrayed By Fate employs a quickly catchy melody for the opening verses, along with subsequent switches in key and tone throughout the journey that follows.

The soundscape offers equal parts ferocity and euphoria, balancing distortion and tuneful optimism amidst a growing sense of weight and self-empowerment. We’re led by a string section initially, intrigue and evocative elevation uniting amidst this swirling to explosive arrangement.

Lyrically Betrayed By Fate intertwines these creative choices with a story of self-revelation and growth, beginning as ever with uncertainty, moving through the search, the intention, and resolving with a level of possibility and sureness of self.

While there are lyrics of pain and questioning the very nature of reality, there are also glimmers of belief and strength, and overall the uplifting pace and presence of the music and performance seems to reinforce these qualities above anything else.

“I hope it’s not too late… I won’t give in, until I finally prove… That I’m still here… I know in time, this will subside…”

Somewhat concluding a heavy series of contemplations and personal struggles that is an extensive catalogue of deeply revealing, honest and emotive songs, Betrayed By Fate showcases the 3mind Blight sound and style at its absolute peak. An immense new track that again fuses genres with fearless commitment to the underlying aim of the work.

Noting tens of thousands of monthly listeners across streaming platforms and on social media, 3mind Blight is an unforgettable creative entrepreneur – an artistic force unlike any other, whose music will continue to transcend the walls of genre or time or expectation for as long as the airwaves allow.

Single out June 30th – Find Betrayed By Fate here. Find 3mind Blight on Twitter, Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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