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3mind Blight Another Life


The now unmistakable sound of 3mind Blight offers a hint of classic Eminem-style story-telling with this single Another Life. Bringing together a crisp and dark beat, well-produced and perfectly well suited to the mood and sound of the two vocal parts, with a concept that deals in detail with pain and struggle, setting the scene immaculately during the verses – the track takes the listener down a compelling pathway.

As always, 3mind Blight pours genuine emotion and depth into his writing – that voice is perfectly matched for the kind of darkness that emerges on a song like this. Making certain to craft things in a relevant way though, the song is structured effectively – the melodic hook has a longing to it, a sense of desperation and a redirection of the narrative to suddenly be a direct outburst from the leading character. This is where the audience becomes a part of the process too – there’s a vagueness in the calling out of the hook, so you can attach your own meaning to it and thus make the moment your own.

Before then, the verse lyrics are delivered in a fairly mellow manner – the tone seems serious, weighty, not fast-paced but intense enough to hold your attention. The use of he feels important and contrasts with that use of in the hook. As stated, structuring matters and the way this plays out works well – almost like a short film.

The verses come reminiscent of the Slim Shady LP days, the hook feels notably soulful – as is the 3mind Blight way. It’s a sound that’s his and the songwriting never fails to bring something new and interesting to light. The key melody presents the necessary flow of notes to make it stand out, to make it easily recognisable – the beat also offers more in this respect, that ongoing riff rises up or falls down throughout; making sure you know where you are, and that the mood remains constant and respectful of the underlying sentiments and story-line. Another impressive, fascinating and brilliantly produced release from the Oklahoma based artist and songwriter.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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