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3Mind Blight A Good Life


The 3Mind Blight sound is quickly becoming a thing entirely of its own. Always leading with originality, but still holding close to this style – entrancing guitar riffs, lightly industrial hip hop beats, mighty vocals and conceptual depth; these are the unique building blocks you can connect to every time, and this latest single is far from the exception.

A Good Life is perhaps one of his most memorable releases to date. The instrumentation in itself offers the perfect use of contrast, the perfect balance between delicacy and grit – distortion and lightness. Meanwhile, the songwriting sees the artist ponder life and consider the future – expressing relatable yet less-discussed sentiments; such as feeling lost or uncertain. All of this pours through in a relevantly free and partly stuttered manner during the verses – a clever choice that effectively reinforces the ideas and that sense of apprehension.

Showcasing absolute strength of songwriting, the track goes on to resolve these moments of unease with the sudden volume and passion of the hook – though there’s no definite air of knowing at this time, uncertainty still reigns, but there’s a sense of possibility – a feeling that not knowing isn’t quite as bad as it sometimes seems. It’ll be alright if I live a good life. 

3Mind Blight always crafts with depth and a broad artistic reach. In this case, the music and the performance tie in beautifully with the lyrics. These thoughts run wild and free – life and death, heaven and hell – there’s nothing even remotely superficial about the lyricism. In addition, the soundscape – as always – features musically satisfying progressions that let the listener genuinely escape into the moment. For these reasons, 3Mind Blight in general, and perhaps this track in particular, makes for the perfect moment of escapism; a go-to whenever overwhelming thoughts of pointlessness or precariousness seem to surround you.

A Good Life kicks in a little harder with each revisit. 3Mind Blight’s voice and his openness about struggle and emotional turmoil is incredibly refreshing and quite calming to experience – precisely the sort of creativity and level of identity that ought to last in the music world.

Download or stream the track from May 2nd here or head to Spotify. Check out more music from 3Mind Blight on Spotify. Find & follow 3Mind Blight on Facebook & Twitter.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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