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3mind Blight 1hell of a Night


Always a master of throwing out a creative curve-ball, 3mind Blight has now somehow fused a conceptually and structurally accessible, almost pop-inspired track, with a brilliantly dark soundscape and a series of uniquely haunting harmonies. And still, with all of this, that voice and these inflections all appear as unmistakably Blight.

Whatever the style or the sentiment, you know who you’re listening to within a few seconds, and that’s something 3mind Blight has perfected like no other.

In terms of the subject matter, the title of this song likely represents quite the opposite of the story-line you’ll find within. Rather than being a party song, celebrating a night worth remembering, 3mind Blight takes purely the implied definition of the world hell, and effectively weaves around his listener a deeply unsettling journey – one that’s likely to fall quite close to home for some.

As is often the case with his music, the underlying concept is not merely left to the lyrics, but to the whole artistic expression. The music leans back and forth on a wave, a couple of notes for a riff, feeling familiar and memorable. Then later, a higher riff melody emerges, and a simultaneous switch in vocal styling. And meanwhile that hip hop beat drives through the delicacy – paving the way well towards a brief rap verse that again adds further dynamic.

All of this builds nicely on the changing stages of the story, and at barely past the two-minute mark, things envelop you quickly – and end in a sudden and ultimately disturbing manner. Buckle up.

Her emotions stirred She’s out tonight
It’s time to play Wrong or right
She turns my way Sets me in her sights cuz
I’m her Prey It’s one hell of a night

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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