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30.2much C-Span / Antigua


Openly steering away from the majority of mainstream and even indie hip hop releases, 30.2much releases the hypnotically ambient and reflective C-Span – a song that connects for its intimate portrayal of deeply human emotions and experiences.

While there are a number of qualities that stand tall throughout 30.2much’s catalogue – fast bars, confidence, colourful soundscapes and heavy anthems – not all of this is needed at once; far from it. This single highlights a clear awareness of what works in music in the long-term, and furthermore, it’s suggestive of an artist with a natural, passionate connection to the art-form.

This is a song from the heart, and everything from the calming, trip-hop kissed ambiance, to the lyrics, the vulnerabilities, and the tired vocal tone, reinforces that authenticity and soul.

The West-Indianapolis artist that is 30.2much has managed to pave his own way as a rapper and songwriter – with every new release there comes an air of individuality that’s easy to pin-point.

Offering an alternative to the first single, yet still clearly sounding like 30.2much – a style well and truly mastered and made his own – Antigua kicks in with a contemporary soundscape, haunting and immersive, and a fine use of contrast between this trap-style beat, the quicker flow of the rap verse, and the soulful, expressive melody of the hook.

From gritty vocals that lay out ideas and references in a listing fashion, familiar and relevant to the 2020 hip hop sound, to the notably emotive sung vocal, Antigua offers a uniquely engaging progression that effectively helps elevate the track above the majority of its peers.

It’s a different approach, but it still fits well, and quality production in every case lets that voice and the groove stand tall. This carefree, creative angle will hopefully showcase itself more and more so as 30.2much continues to drop new projects.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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