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2NITERS Kiss You Like That (Official Music Video)


Introducing a genre-free creative duo from Europe’s mainland, Kiss You Like That offers up a hauntingly beautiful hit of emotive songwriting and complex uncertainty united.

Kicking into gear with a simple piano progression and clean-cut, expressive vocal line, the single soon rises up to envelop listeners with its multi-layered, immersive and rather euphoric soundscape. The vocals become breathy, soaked in reverb, the lyrics aptly poetic and reflective of obsession and desire.

From a distance, there’s a dance-pop core to the track, and a romantic backbone that feels familiar, nostalgic, accessible. To look a little closer though, at both the video and the song’s concept, is to allow a whole other realm of creative possibility to pour through. From love to sheer fantasy and unwelcome or unrequited affection, Kiss You Like That takes listeners and viewers down an engaging, intriguing and mildly unsettling pathway.

While it’s a strong introduction to an impressive duo, with a great vocal lead, intersting writing, and sublime production, this is merely a single taste of what 2NITERS have planned artistically. Their next release is set to step away from ambient trip hop and over towards reggaeton and pop. Well worth tuning in for regardless if their songwriting, passion and presentation are anything to go by.

Check out the 2NITERS Website for more info or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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