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2g A.K.A 2great Big Play Slay 23


2g A.K.A 2great all at once reminds music fans of what hip hop used to be, and what it can be today with a little professionalism and a confident backbone.

Big Play Slay 23 is a heavy track, street ready and loaded with anthem-like vibes that bring back that classic togetherness and attitude the genre was born through.

Featuring a hard-hitting beat, and a soundscape that progresses from the simple repeat of a haunting synth riff, to a more distorted, mildly experimental and theatrically detailed composition, the track gathers momentum throughout.

With a number of vocal features, the piece holds tight to your attention every step of the way, seeing that nostalgic team-effort pour through with varying personalities and a consistently evolving approach to lyricism. Meanwhile, the leading riff weaves its web around you, ultimately leaving its mark and making certain the track is easily recognisable the next time around.

Coming in at a pretty perfect three-minute-thirty, Big Play Slay 23 more than makes up for that mouthful of a title, with an easy groove and a quickly memorable hook that undoubtedly seals the deal on the anthem front.

Crisp, clean production, clear vocals, and a brilliant sense of swagger all hit with impact throughout. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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