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0101 Knoten im Taschentuch


Introducing a distinct step away from their last hit but an artistically fresh and addictively enjoyable banger nonetheless, Germany duo 0101 return with a superb follow-up track – the enchanting and conceptually provocative Knoten im Taschentuch.

Featuring another fusion of genres and cultural traits, here we see near-psychedelic layers of electronic sound-play meet with a distorted backbone of guitars and a relentless dance rhythm.

Unpredictable as ever, later looping in a brilliantly satisfying and quickly familiar manner, Knoten im Taschentuch shines light once again on the incomparable creative reach of 0101.

To give a little context for the non-German listeners, löse den Knoten im Taschentuch refers to loosening the knot in the handkerchief; such knots being used in Germany to remind the owner of something they don’t want to forget. Thus, the concept of the track refers to the opposite – remembering to forget, perhaps freeing yourself from the weight of something.

As ever, 0101 keep things creatively unorthodox yet captivating, and ultimately the groove and mood of Knoten im Taschentuch does indeed gift a sense of carefree commitment to only the current moment; the perfect kind of hypnotic escapism required to free oneself from the pressures of responsibility.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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