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Music: What’s The Point? (Episode 1)


It’s 5:10pm on a Monday evening. You’re sitting in your barely affordable car, it’s pouring down with rain, and the traffic is at a complete stand still. All you can hear is engines, the battering of water droplets against your roof, the repetitive squeal of your wiper blades, the occasional honk of an impatient horn, and your own, exhausted, increasingly negative and unmotivated thoughts.

The remainder of your day will be largely defined by this ongoing mood that you have set your sights upon. You’re unlikely to do anything much when you get home, your day will have been entirely about work. And traffic. Unless..

Perhaps there’s something you can do. Perhaps there’s something very simple, right there at your finger tips. Something with the power to drastically change the way the world appears. It’s not illegal, unhealthy, or dangerous. It’s easier than any of that, and far more rewarding.

The brief touch of a button, on your dash board; a glance downwards, a moment of movement, subsequently causing a pre-selected system of events to occur – the stereo lights up, the words and numbers flash across the screen, and your all-time favourite soundtrack comes bursting into life through the speakers that surround you.

Now all you can hear is those instruments, that melody, those effects, those positive thoughts – which are joined at the hip with those wonderful memories of the first time you fell in love with this music, or the good times you shared with your friends while listening.

The sound washes over everything in the space around you, the scene is now but a dramatic, artistic music video, accompanying the tracks as they play out, and you – the star of the show, the human of the moment, in all your joyful and optimistic glory. By the time you get home, you’ve almost entirely forgotten that there was ever any traffic at all, and you’re energetically geared up for wherever the remaining hours of the day may take you.

Maybe you embrace your loved one with immense happiness, maybe you greet your friends or family or housemates with a huge amount of good cheer and laughter; you pass on that positive energy, you pass around that joy, and soon enough; the whole world takes on a new and beautiful glow. Seeing people being happy; it makes you feel happy, and the same is true of the reverse.

A simple change of direction, an altered perspective. All because you refused to listen to those Monday blues. You chose something better.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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