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Music History Diary (PODCAST)


An absolute favourite indie podcast to date, Music History Diary is one that tackles the fascinating stories of artists and bands who paved the way for the music world we know and love today.

Well-researched, respectfully approached and professionally arranged, Music History Diary sees hosts Fifi and Miko dig deep into events, songs and scandals alike – anything and everything that impacted the music world in a powerful way.

From discussing Elliott Smith’s life and death in detail for a recent episode, right back to the stories of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Amy Winehouse, Sam Cooke, Kanye West, and a whole lot else that fell in between, Music History Diary leads with an air of professional delicacy and realness united.

Tipping its hat to the format and structure of renowned podcasts like Radiolab, this new show offers a niche go-to that’s likely to appeal to and satisfy musicians, industry professionals, and music fans across the board.

While still in its early days, the hosts are clearly putting in the time and effort with regard to creating engaging, interesting podcast episodes that shine light on the truths of the past in an insightful and eye-opening fashion. These stories are told in a manner that allows you to get on with your day whilst learning about these historical names and the stories that made them infamous.

In addition, many episodes touch on global hit songs, looking at how and why certain releases weaved their way into our consciousness with or without permission. Expect to learn, appreciate, reflect, and enjoy increasingly, as Music History Diary continues to build and master this corner of the podcast world.

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Every so often, the world gets to experience the work of a true artist – someone whose talent has the ability to bring out many different emotions in people; hope, happiness, nostalgia, sadness, encouragement… The list goes on. So when the world loses this artist, it makes that fleeting time that we were graced by that genius just a little more precious.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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