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MUJER DE EXITO, Unbounded – Latina Business Coach Podcast


Introducing the first of its kind – An independent business podcast devoted to telling the stories of female entrepreneurs from the Latina and BIPOC communities.

MUJER DE EXITO, Unbounded – Women of Success Without Limits – is a bilingual podcast with an engaging fusion of clear passion and professionalism elevating discussions and conversations with industry leaders.

Hosted by Marti Angel, and noting episodes spanning back to November of 2023, MUJER DE EXITO, Unbounded has established itself as an inclusive and informative go-to for rising and existing entrepreneurs and business owners across the board. From explorations of mastering six-figure success, to email building strategies, self-development, and in-depth interviews with a variety of experts, this success-driven podcast proves both enlightening and unique in its approach.

Most recently, the CEO of JefaHQ, Bessy Martinez, offers an insightful and inspiring conversation about how she first managed to beat the odds and get her start as an ultimately successful business woman. Her discussion relays the intricacies of why it’s OK to think outside of the box, to speak up, to feel emotions and have opinions; to question things and to second guess the processes already in motion.

Bessy discusses her own search for inspiration and for mentors in early life, and the choices she made along the way in order to become the successful woman she is today. The conversation also explores the various different identities that exist under the term Latina. It’s an eye-opening conversation, unfiltered and undeterred by the industry constraints that are often found elsewhere in mainstream media.

One of the first bilingual podcasts to celebrate Latina and BIPOC Mujer-Preneurs, MUJER DE EXITO, Unbounded is a safe space for sharing stories and secrets of success, and seeks to connect with and inspire individuals looking to progress in both education and business.

Leading with a memorable musical intro and a confident, friendly host at the forefront, MUJER DE EXITO, Unbounded offers practical tips and actionable advice and strategies in English, Spanish and ‘Spanglish’, to help you reach your goals. The podcast delves into true stories from Latinas, covering the highs and lows alike as women traverse the complex terrain from idea through to success.

Find inspiration and positive influence amidst the trailblazers who’ve tried and tested the waters before you. Hone your business mind and abilities with a no-holds-barred podcast that keeps things authentic, honest and endearing, as it relays the truth about the search for success.

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