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Movipods Presents! ‘Timeshifters’ – Sci-fi Screenplay Brought to Life (Audio Play / Podcast)


An independent filmmaker’s dream – a company and brand specialising in creating unique audio plays from indie screenplays, books, and musical works. A movie anthology series, focusing on bringing to life the lesser known incredible stories and screenplays of our generation…

Movipods Presents! is a podcast committed to helping expose hidden gems to the limelight of the silver screen. Their mission is simple, to feature, act out and record under the radar screenplays, and to bring their listeners along as they seek to deliver these powerful tales to powerful people.

Their latest endeavor, Time Shifters, is quick to captivate, and in sixteen short minutes Part 1 manages to transport listeners to a whole other world – connecting with characters on a deeply human level, whilst nurturing a relentless thirst for adventure and rising anticipation. It’s clear that a mighty amount of passion and work has gone into things – the cinematic presentation, the soundscapes, the hosting, the clarity and confidence. The sheer enthusiasm and realism of the voice actors is infectious, and rightfully gets you wrapped up the story.

This audio play comes with humour and uncertainty in equal parts; heartbreak and excitement carefully balanced – the opening episode lays the foundations in a way that gets you locked in for the long-run. Time Shifters ultimately grips its listeners with concise yet believable storytelling and scenes, whilst presenting characters that naturally appeal for their relatability. We move from relationship turmoil to ambitious futuristic designs and fortune-telling sci-fi in a few short minutes, and all the while remain entirely tuned into the conversations and soundscapes that surround us.

A six-part audio play, with parts 1 – 3 already available to stream, the story of Time Shifters is compelling from start to finish – easily one of the strongest audio plays to hit the scene in recent years. The level of immersive design and authenticity in the conversations and stages of the story is second to none.

Professionally captured, well-performed in every case, Movipods Presents! is a form of independent cinema worth celebrating – and Time Shifters is precisely the kind of thing we love to draw attention to. The level of talent and drive residing just below the mainstream radar is phenomenal, and this extends throughout music, film, art, and media.

Movipods Presents! Time Shifters is a massive highlight for podcast discoveries of late, and makes for a wholly absorbing go-to, which promises the full embrace of audio escapism for its sense of drama, heart, story, and substance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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