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Mortal Musings Podcast – True Crime with a Twist


Introducing a Dublin-based True Crime Podcast with a brilliant twist of humour – Mortal Musings Podcast is presented by long-time couple Megan and Neil; the former a well-researched Irish-woman with a strong grasp of each case, the latter a Northern English chap with a short attention span.

Refreshingly unedited and distinctly raw in its capturing of authentic conversations about a somewhat unusual subject matters, Mortal Musings Podcasts lightens the weight of darker true crime stories with a quickly entertaining sense of both disgruntlement and fun.

From the murder of Tynisha Ysais, involving nineties rapper Big Lurch, to the Vampire of Sacramento, Sid and Nancy, and the globally renowned phobia of clowns, the variety of dark topics and true crime stories within the Mortal Musings Podcast is enough to engage and distract even the most consumed and stubborn listeners.

Episode One makes clear from the outset the dynamic and comical edge of the Mortal Musings Podcast. The format juxtaposes Megan’s interest and delivery of the story, with devoted obstinance from Neil. The result is that you’re captivated by the both the potential outcome of events detailed, and the hilarity of the contrasting dissatisfaction from Neil – a double dose of audio escapism that continues to work its magic throughout the Podcast series.

Later on, Episode Eight delves into the intriguing topic of last words spoken by criminals on death row – a conversation that proves equal parts unsettling and strangely hilarious as it progresses through twenty minutes of information and entertainment.

Strictly for mature audiences in both topic and tone, Mortal Musings Podcast fascinates and connects in a uniquely gripping way – there’s a level of intrigue and mystique to the stories, the final words of convicts being a fine example, and there’s also a clear degree of connection and relatability to the fearlessly honest depiction of a couple setting out on a random new endeavor every week.

Episodes emerge complete with a list of resources further exploring or detailing the crimes and stories within – another twist of originality that helps set Mortal Musings Podcast apart from other true crime podcasts.

It’s early days, with only three weeks of episodes available as yet, but the confidence and realism of the approach, as well as the research and amusement of the storytelling, all speaks volumes on behalf of a true crime podcast well-worth tuning in for as 2024 swings into view.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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