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Masters of Song


What the song meant to you when you wrote it, what it felt like when you sang it, what it means to you now; when time has passed and your thoughts have moved forward. Did the song you wrote survive the journey? Did the you who wrote it?

Maybe some songs aren’t personal. People write hits nowadays based on a very distinct formula, not out of an unquenchable yearning from the depths of their soul. Are we no longer adding to the historical collection of incredible songwriting? We are. We absolutely are. It’s just not as obvious as it used to be. You have to search deeper to find the artists who write because their soul won’t allow them not to. But they’re out there. And we intend to find them.

Over the next few weeks we will feature and review some of the absolute best undiscovered songwriters active in the music world today. If you think you know an artist that fits this description; feel free to send your suggestions over using the contact page. If you yourself have written something that means as much to you today as it did when you first wrote it, regardless of commercial recognition, regardless of it’s alignment or lack of with the ‘distinct formula’ required to get a hit; send it over. We don’t value music based on popularity; it’s way too easy to fool people into thinking they like something these days, just because it has a certain label or name behind it.

This is not to say, of course, that popularity devalues anything. On the contrary, we’re an intelligent species, and much of the time; the masses like something that is actually great. We just don’t discriminate. We don’t assume. And we certainly don’t take any pre-conceptions on board when we listen to new music.

Whether we end up featuring it or not; we’d love to hear what you’ve made, and we may well, at the very least, tweet it to our followers – and hopefully help you reach a few more people. Genre is irrelevant with this particular project. Whatever you’ve written, if you believe in it’s depth; we want to hear it. Get in touch.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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