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Marketing Beet (PODCAST)


Bringing a unique dynamic and a plethora of experience to the online marketing scene, best friends Beverley Theresa and Ameet Khabra host the brand new Podcast Marketing Beet.

Marketing Beet is a show that takes a fairly detail-heavy concept and makes it a little more accessible for the average user. So for anyone who is new to online marketing or still feels a little lost with social media or running ads for their business, this is the place to go.

Beverley Theresa is a Social Media Strategist and owner of Throwdown Social Media, and Ameet Khabra is a Pay Per Click Specialist and owner of Ameet Khabra Marketing. The relationship between the two offers a natural fluidity discussion-wise, and actually helps keep things concise and consistently focused on the topic at hand.

A recent episode digs deep into Pay Per Click Marketing, approaching it from the perspective of having achieved success with this method of advertising, and also understanding what doesn’t work and why.

The show goes on to explain a lot of the terms you’re likely to come across when building your education in online marketing, such as negative key words. It also touches on budgeting, finding the right audience, opportunities in the lockdown, and general business ownership advice from tried and tested methods.

Though still in its early days, Beverley and Ameet lead with immediately likeable, genuine personalities, and the information is presented in a quickly actionable, vastly beneficial manner. At under fifteen minutes per episode, Marketing Beet is an easy must for anyone looking to step up their digital marketing skills and have a little fun in the process.

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