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Manifest Brutality Podcast – Indie Musician Interviews


Doing precisely what the music industry should – offering a platform for hard-working musicians, a means of further bridging that gap between artist and audience. The Manifest Brutality Podcast captures the essence of the musical mind, by way of intimate interviews with artists from a broad range of genres.

Introducing a no-filler podcast, uninterested in follower counts or streaming numbers, instead devoted to shining light on the lesser-known musical gems of our time – Manifest Brutality is a multi-faceted media project, creative space and community, and the Manifest Brutality Podcast embraces and celebrates independent musicians across the board.

Hosted by Alexander Dahl, and born out of an unwavering appreciation for the power of music in exposing and connecting with the unique human condition, the Manifest Brutality Podcast emerges from the position of music fan first and foremost. It then proceeds to dig into the deeper issues with inquisitive and thoughtful questions, which let the talent and devotion of these underground artists stand taller than ever.

Noting hundreds of concise interviews since its inception in 2020, the Manifest Brutality Podcast acts as a welcoming space for creative artists and bands to present their true personalities and stories in a nonjudgmental and enjoyable format.

Recent interviewees include Half Life Crisis, Jay Windecker and Shane McCosky, but honestly, given the sub-twenty minute nature of most of these segments, the entire playlist to date makes for an easy source of inspiration and possibility whenever you need it.

Whether for existing fans of each act, or as a go-to for like-minded artists with a fascination for the creative process, The Manifest Brutality Podcast is one to check out. If you’re an indie act looking to communicate your goals or connect more strongly with an audience base, get in touch via the Manifest Brutality Website.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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