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Madame Perry’s Salon – Podcast


For the increasing number of people who are taking to include the growing world of podcasts as part of their daily routines – whether it’s for your morning inspiration, your midday escape, your late night indulgence or otherwise – Madame Perry’s Salon features some great on-air discussions to listen in on.

As a host, Madame Perry brings an enjoyable and enthusiastic warmth and realness that comes across as genuine and knowledgeable from the offset. The more you delve into the various episodes available so far, the more you get to learn and consider as her various guests step up to the stage to discuss any range of topics in a likable and easy to listen to manner.

The natural chemistry the host creates within any given conversation means that the talks often very swiftly and smoothly edge in the direction of unapologetic honesty and openness, something we all love to be a witness to, and something that makes the whole show seem extremely human from start to finish. That is to say, not merely a means to grabbing an audience, but on the contrary – the show seems to be what it is regardless of audience, as if those involved would be doing this and talking about these topics whether we were listening or not, purely for the love of it – for the fun, for the interest. This makes it a lot more enjoyable and real than some of the often more staged podcast sessions available on Stitcher or iTunes or otherwise.

The sessions are almost like a fireside chat at times, though the thought that has gone into it all means there is still a definite structure and plan involved, questions and all, so as to keep you interested throughout. The most recent episode entitled Actress & Author Alison Arngrim Visits Madame Perry’s Salon offers real life stories of honesty, humour, inspiration and much more. The way those involved discuss the acting world, their experiences and beyond, is a pleasure to listen to. Fortunately, there are well over 100 episodes already online to catch up with.

Head over to iTunes or Madame Perry’s Blogspot to browse through the list and listen or download the episodes. Find and follow Madame Perry’s Salon on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay updated.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Madame Perry’s Salon podcast is always up on the latest and greatest, sometimes even obscure much needed material that most media’s don’t get out. She always has such amazing guests!

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