This slice of exuberant, unashamedly pop-tastic insanity comes courtesy of a clutch of 80s synth sounds and a very clever arrangement that somehow boots the retro-ness of its experience into a throughly enjoyable romp for right now!


Growing from solo vocal and reverb-heavy guitar strums that leak cool everywhere, into a stereo spread and mix of wet and dry sounds that are superbly managed, No Worries delivers on every level, has broad appeal and I believe should do incredibly well.


Each time the chorus comes around, its simple, insistent melody drills into your memory, floating above a Björk-like set of rhythmic patterns that seemingly arrive out of nowhere. This is a classy and intricate slice of pop that we should all get our ears around.


Fusing the addictive benefits of a rhythmic and upbeat soundscape, with a quickly engaging, emotional story-line and vocal, Tidal Wave is a simple dream of a pop track. The song utilizes poetry and metaphor to craft and build-up brilliantly towards and easily memorable hook.


Kicking off with the explosive blues-rock swagger of Killing Heroes, Initial Mass leave their mark pretty quickly on this latest album, fusing the raw rock energy of bands like The Black Keys with a more traditional, performance-based rock hook and rise-up to it.

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Artist and rapper Produc more than delivers throughout this 17 track extravaganza that is his latest album. Fusing eclectic, often jazz and soul-soaked ambiances, with an intentional, calmly confident rap style, PRODUC Presents 1970 fills the room with simple good vibes and compelling story-lines.