The entire anthem provides this elusive feeling of being on the edge, straddling these animalistic urges inherent to being alive, alongside the celestial steadiness of song. Music, especially the raw, groovy rock of DPS, taps into the chaos of emotion.


Dmachi’s single will fill you up for three and a half blissful minutes, until the music drains away – leaving you wistfully wanting more. Prepare for a seductive ear shower amidst this artist’s unique blend of gospel dance pop; no umbrella necessary.

Alt PopSongwriterTrip-Hop

Nadel Paris is no stranger to creativity & this song highlights her awareness of what works in pop music, as well as her passion for singing & her desire to promote love & peacefulness. It speaks proudly on behalf of possibility & of enjoying life as much as possible. 


This is something really special, particularly for hip hop or conscious rap fans. The music has the delicacy of carefully crafted, creative trip-hop, and Bluff as a performer & rapper works hard to paint a clear picture for you, and to open your mind.