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Life Support: The Student Survival Guide Podcast


Cutting out the middle man and speaking straight from their own experiences, medical students Daanyaal Ashraf and Dominique Forson host this good-intentions podcast – a show designed to help take the edge off starting and surviving university.

UK-based and the perfect accompaniment for your first years in higher education, Life Support: The Student Survival Podcast is already nine episodes deep, and has covered topics like Surviving: Results Day, Freshers Week, and Making Friends.

Leading with a laid-back, friendly tone, which naturally welcomes listeners to the conversation, this student survival guide podcast offers practical tips and expert interviews combined, as a means of helping any and all students make the most of their time at university. The aim is to encourage you to excel academically, manage your time effectively, and enhance your mental health along the way.

Episode 9 (making friends) marks a fine starting point if you’re struggling to find your people at university. Fellow medical student Ananya Thorpe joins the podcast to relay experiences of various societies and clubs she’s been involved in, as well as one she created herself, called ‘Dinner’. The thought of making friends is often much more unnerving than the actual process, and this episode shines light on that truth, and presents a sense of calm and self-belief that things will just happen as and when you put yourself into certain social groups and events.

The discussion flows freely, feels natural, and combines informative introductions with more colloquial chat, to really capture and maintain attention. This is true of all episodes to date, and if you start back at the introductory episode from last summer, you’ll see the original intentions of the podcast, and over time delve into topics like student activism, diversity, career planning, and work-life balance.

If you’re looking to really get the very best out of your own student experience, Life Support: The Student Survival Podcast is a refreshingly real, honest and welcoming go-to, which will no doubt help relieve the stress and worry of starting and thriving at university.

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