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Life On Earth Podcast, By Nathalie Croix


The Peace Project with Nathalie Croix aims for global & intergalactic equality through celebrating diversity one Earthling at a time.

Nathalie Croix host’s the Life On Earth Podcast and offers listeners a chance to learn about expanding their conscious awareness and enhancing their spirituality. Nathalie teaches from experience and education, but with this she offers personal insight and a welcoming tone and approach that’s easy to take on board.

The underlying aim of the podcast is to help audience members connect with the define and transform or move away from darkness into light. Methods touched upon for this process include meditation, yoga, creativity, philosophy, nature, sacred movements, love – to name just a few. Depending on the episode, the discussion veers off into various details that will hopefully guide listeners in the right direction. Nathalie’s voice and delivery style present a natural connection to these practices, as well as creating a sense of inclusivity and togetherness that lets it all flow through in a genuine manner.

A recent episode entitled You Are Your Authentic Brand digs deep into the topic and deals with everything from modern life to feelings of being misunderstood on the journey to becoming. There’s a deeply meditative aura to the sound of the show as it progresses, distant waves help accompany deep breathing and embracing a sense of calm as the host talks you through difficulty to acceptance. Continue being you is a lasting idea, but one of many that reaches out to inspire and soothe and motivate. It makes you feel like things are OK, that you’re not alone – it reminds you that everyone is walking their own meandering and unpredictable pathway through life; something we all too often forget to consider.

A pleasure to listen through, an authentically good-hearted podcast to help you stay calm and in control whenever things get a little too heavy.

We are one; spread the love, join the movement!

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