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The Life After PTSD Podcast is a somewhat revolutionary show that aims to redefine post traumatic stress as an injury rather than an illness, digging deep into the issue and igniting a sense of hope and possibility for those who’ve been suffering. The show is undoubtedly at a professional and knowledgeable level, leading with a friendly, welcoming approach, featuring discussions with PTSD survivors, counselors, and those who still struggle alike.

A recent episode focusing on a specific story welcomes an individual to talk about the impact of counselling, underlining the importance of getting help and how effective this can indeed be in helping those who’ve been affected by PTSD. No stone is left un-turned, the stories are captivating whether you’re affected yourself or simply know somebody who is – even in other cases, this is a widespread issue that categorically deserves to be talked about much more openly; enter Life After PTSD – a crucial step forward in the journey towards life free from from the clutches of post traumatic stress.

The podcast is both educational and unapologetically honest – the level of realness helps make it easy to connect with the hosts and their guests, and also helps create a feeling of togetherness; working towards overcoming isolation, letting people know they’re far from alone, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Guests share their difficulties, their vulnerabilities, and their strengths, and this authenticity is invaluable and often incredibly comforting to listen to. Moments of hardship are contrasted with instances of humour and heartfelt tales, all of which ties together really well within the walls of each episode.

As a niche podcast, this makes for one of the most interesting and rewarding around right now. PTSD for so many can feel like the end of the road. Life After PTSD targets the stigma directly and reaches out to let the world know that this is far from permanent. Ranging from stories relating to military life and combat experiences, mental health and wellness, trauma, healing, counselling, and everything in between – the weekly Podcast tackles many aspects relating to personal turmoil; driving with real-life stories, and offering up genuine, actionable advice and ideas known to help. A real pleasure to stumble upon, a team of people working hard to make a difference and to help those who really need it.

Episodes weekly telling the stories of counselors and clients who are creating a new normal of their choosing, now free of trauma.

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