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Lady Tee Speaks (PODCAST)


Lady Tee interviews a plethora of successful, inspiring women throughout this new podcast series. Covering topics from struggle to overcoming, family and career, building businesses from scratch and finding your confidence, the podcast delivers sub-thirty-minute segments that provide an engaging and motivational look at real life strength and success.

A recent episode welcomed actress Yvonne Senat-Jones onboard to talk about her life growing up as part of a multicultural family, and how these early experiences ultimately impacted the way she interacts and relates to other people. She also goes on talk about securing a regular role as Tally in Tyler Perry’s Ruthless.

The conversation moves from childhood to early adulthood, cultural recognition and difficulties, then from how the audition came about, to the call-back, to finally sealing the deal. It’s an uplifting and captivating episode to listen to. Yvonne has a notably down-to-earth manner of story-telling, and Lady Tee’s welcoming, inquisitive approach allows her guests to take the floor entirely and open up about anything and everything that helped shape their journey.

From big dreams to self-belief and pushing forwards even in the face of adversity, Lady Tee Speaks digs deep into a multitude of life stories from real people who’ve achieved noteworthy success in a variety of fields, yet who still understand the importance of kindness, honesty, and using their platforms for good.

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