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La Vie Creative Podcast with Krystal Kenney


Digging deep into the widely desired lifestyles of those who pursue creative career paths, La Vie Creative explores artistic living in Paris and beyond, with weekly episodes that delve into the building blocks of creative success in an inspiring, authentic and actionable manner.

American expat and photographer Krystal Kenney hosts the show and leads with an inspiring energy and insight from the offset. She then welcomes onboard a plethora of guests from various creative backgrounds – travel photography, floristry, music, writing – and her welcoming yet inquisitive approach allows for some genuine, deeply human conversations, which prove refreshing, often motivational, and always a pleasure to listen to.

Episode 3 invites Paris-based jazz singer Liv Monaghan onto the Podcast, who talks openly about her songwriting process and the steps involved in getting started in this industry. Liv reveals that her family was never very creative, there were no natural connections there to music or jazz – contrary to the more common biographies we tend to hear about. It makes for a fascinating story, and Liv’s realness and her journey manage to captivate right the way through.

For the songwriters and musicians out there from all genres and backgrounds, the detail and honesty here is extremely valuable. In fact, for anyone with a burning passion to follow any particular creative path in life – all of these episodes help energize listeners, and prove that no matter what you have behind you, the future is yours to build.

Easily one of the most promising new podcasts around, particularly in the creative and self-development categories. These thirty-minute episodes are an easy must for anyone looking to break away from the mundane and do something with their life that they genuinely love.

Check out all episodes via Buzzsprout. Find & follow Krystal Kenney on Instagram or visit her Website.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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