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Topically relevant and socially conscious, the k, thanks podcast showcases inspiring women who talk openly and confidently about a variety of topics relating to contemporary life in the Western world.

As part of a new mini-series, the podcast is directly exploring issues relating to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the ongoing and often devastating inequalities that still sadly exist all over the world.

Co-hosts Ariana, Vikki, and Ikram host the weekly show, often welcoming onboard guests to dig deep into a plethora of different topics. Recent episodes so far have touched on the different stages of grief, healing techniques, resources to heal, and ways to take action. In terms of the former, the episode Stages Of Grief makes for a strong starting point.

Professionally crafted and confidently hosted, by a clearly informed, educated and compassionate group of hosts, this episode brings through an immediately interesting dynamic, with multiple perspectives and a notable focus on laying bare the truth, the reality, of the situation.

The events of the past month seemed completely unexpected, yet were sadly long overdue from all that’s been publicized since. The tragedy of the event that kicked it all off, the subsequent treatment of groups wanting to protest and see change, and the undeniable division at war with so much desire for unity and oneness, has forced millions of us to reconsider the world and our roles within it.

The three hosts talk about all of this, from history to modern education, detailing facts, statistics, denial, anger, and the ultimate emotional and physical impact at the center of it all.

Brilliantly put together, and incredibly valuable right now – particularly if you’re wanting to learn more about the lead-up to the events of 2020, and what it really means for those on the front line.

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